Looking for it in green?

I came across this site while looking for wool bum covers and thought it might come in useful for one of you as well in your search for a green product. It’s kinda like the green version of Google shopping. :0 Hope it helps!


Building and Growing

Today Erik and I will be building a cinder block compost bin while my in-laws have Nara time. I am quite excited. I am crazy ready to make some dirt! And to hang out with my hubby. Pleasantly, he will be caring all 50 or so cinder blocks to the very back of the yard as he has decided that being 6 weeks pregnant I must be given only light lifting. Like Inara?
Yes, Ladies! There will soon be another Sautter in the world and I can’t wait! This afternoon we’re interviewing the midwife that, Lord willing, will be attending our home birth. I am so excited!
This year I get to watch trash compost into dirt to feed the life in the garden and I get to nourish a life being knit together in my womb. What a great year this will be!
Lucky for you, I have been trying a lot of extra nutritious recipes of late that I may choose (remember) to post for you. Here’s to hoping!

My own fault….

Argg! I should not have put off my spring cleaning for spring! I want to be outside playing! I don’t want to be doing my laundry. :(
I was recently reminded though that I can compost my soap nuts (we use/love Maggie’s) and dryer lint so I set up a compost bucket in the laundry room this morning. That was satisfying!


Is anyone out there? I’m still here, really!
Wow. Life has been crazy. I’ve spent the majority of this year in Chicago helping/visiting with my Dad. Erik and I are finally getting around to doing a bit of unpacking and catch-up cleaning. We now have tenants in both properties. We have a new favorite restaurant that we wish we could eat at for every meal. We now have one hundred pounds of bison in our freezer and are really enjoying the experience of cooking with/eating lean meat. I have the spring itch and just want to get started the yard already! Instead I am pouring over gardening books and dreaming. I have also have finally gotten to the point in my life where I am sick of me and want to be full to overflowing with Him. As a result I have reassessed my priorities and how I spend my time and have been spending a lot more of it reading my Bible and seeking to hear His voice. It’s been awfully hard yet beautifully rewarding…

Congrats to April who has had a healthy baby boy! I’m so happy that all went well!
Talk to you all again soon.


Update on HR4040

Well, here‘s some good news on yesterdays issue. It still needs some work, but it was a step in the right direction!


Read it and weep (for your pocketbook).

And then call your Senators.

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (HR4040) is not in the consumers best interest without some serious changes! 

Act now, or pay ($$$) later.

A Thing of Beauty , An Act of Love

img_11481This is my new dining room table. She is a thing of beauty to be sure! With eight feet of length to her we can easily seat ten around her. I’m guessing we could fit more if they’re children once our bench is finished being constructed. Yes, that’s what I said. It’s a custom order. As was the table. They are our housewarming gift from Erik’s father’s hands. I love homemade gifts! This table means so much more to our family than anything we could have found on a showroom floor! Inara is a real fan of the table as well, as evidenced here:


Oh, the meals that will be served at this table and the stories told!

What is your favorite made by hand, filled with the givers love gift you’ve received?