Pure and yummy

Fresh Choices...My book came! My book came! Fresh Choices : More than 100 Easy Recipes for Pure Food When You Can’t Buy 100% Organic is it’s simply put title. Ha. It looks really good!

Here are the chapters:

1) From Farm to Fork: Good Reasons to Choose Pure Food

2) Fruit

3) Vegetables

4) Fish and Shellfish

5) Chicken and Turkey

6) Beef and Pokk

7) Milk, Cheese and Eggs

8 ) Beans, Nuts, and Grains

9) Wheat Flour, Bread, and Pasta

Chapters two through nine begin with an explanation of the foods you should substitute when organic foods aren’t an option due to location, season, or cost. The author is very “real” in my opinion. He advocates knowing where food comes from as a first step in caring about what’s going into your body. He especially stresses the importance of this for kids who don’t seem to have a clue these days. As such, even though apples are at the top of the “no-no” list for consumption when non-organic, he’ll allow an exception for his family to go pick their own at the orchard once a year for the sake of the experience. Erik was quite encouraged by this as he wasn’t sure he was willing to give up his annual orchard apple turnovers!

The end of each chapter is full of recipes for yummy, easy, pure or organic dishes! I can’t wait to review some of them.  More on this book later, I’m sure!

One Comment on “Pure and yummy”

  1. Sarah says:

    Alrighty friend, I am back online. So now I can officially keep track of all the good deals you find!

    P.S. I found myself wondering down the canning aisle at Wal-Mart yesterday and getting way excited. :)

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