And So What We Have Learned….

Here is some of what I now know about my food that I didn’t know when I woke up this morning:

Eggplants are not veggies. They are fruits. I’m not sure this means I’ll like them more though.

Sweet corn is not a veggie. It is a grain. I kinda knew this, but now it’s cemented in my brain.

Olives are not a veggie. They’re really fruits. I will continue disliking them on the moral principle that they’re so specious. Hmph.

So, now I know that it’s not just tomatoes living a duplicitous life. Good to know!

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2 Comments on “And So What We Have Learned….”

  1. Blakely says:

    Your revelation that corn is a grain struck a chord with me, because I’ve been having the “veggie vs. starch” argument with a woman at work for quite some time. After some research, I discovered that corn can be considered either, depending on when you’re eating it. For example, if you’re eating corn on the cob, when the kernels are soft, it’s considered a vegetable. If you’re eating popcorn though, after the kernels have dried out, then it’s a grain. Keep in mind, I was trying to support the idea that corn is a vegetable, so my research may have been biased, but I’m going with it!!

  2. but have you taken into account that when you’re eating it as a veggie that each individual kernel is then considered an individual piece of fruit? wrap your mind around that one!

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