Brittney Mann, sister, friend…

We lost a dear friend to colon cancer yesterday. Britt was a sweet girl that Erik had gone to college with. They both belonged to the same small church group for awhile and he counted her as one of his dearest female friends after our wedding. Britt was courageous to the end and never waivered in her trust in God and her assurance of where she was going when she left this earthly body.

Congratulations, Brittney on receiving your reward. You will be missed. Your family will remain in our prayers. We will smile at your funeral because we share your Hope.

(Brittney visiting us at the hospital after Nara’s birth. I think she’d laugh cause I can’t flip photos!)


For Your Info…

Thursday already? Okay, then!

*You can build your vocabulary while providing rice through the UN to starving people here.

*Speaking of vocabulary, do you know what this word means: FOZY? Can you use it in a sentence? Hit me with your best sentence in the comments section and if I am duly impressed (or just crazy amused) there may have to be a small prize.

*I know we all think about the contaminates and toxins such as PCBs and heavy metals we ingest or absorb from the world around us. You wanna know who really has it rough in that arena though? Killer Whales. They, my friends, are the top of the food chain so every other contaminate that anything on down the food chain ate ends up in their body where they can’t get rid of it any more than the rest of us can. In fact, they are so heavily laden with toxins that if one of them gets beached (poor thing) they qualify as a toxic biohazard? I’m sorry, but that makes me chuckle.

Sea World, Winter \'08

(Picture from Vacation with Grandpa Bob Winter ’08- Sea World, Texas)

*1/12 of a teaspoon of honey is about all a worker bee will produce in its lifetime.

* I was chatting with my new favorite farmer at the CR farmers market Monday night before my class. We were talking about his hives and he mentioned that if you take processed honey from the store and feed it to bees they get sick and generally die. Sweet! I’ll take some of that, please! And just so there’s no confusion, that last part was called “sarcasm”.

Iceberg Lettuce: Does it deserve its bum rep?

I’m sure you’ve all heard at some point that iceberg lettuce (called “Crisphead” until the 1920’s) lacks any real health benefits and so you shouldn’t waste your time eating it. While it’s true that when it comes to lettuces in general the greener the leaf the greater the nutritional value, does that mean you should just pass over this little guy?!?

iceberg lettuce

Iceberg is a great source for folate (a B vitamin), vitamin B6, vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin C, and thiamine. It’s made up mostly of water (95% or more) and dietary fiber providing necessary roughage for our digestive system.

It’s alkaline, clarifies your blood, and a nerve strengthener.

On the other hand, other lettuces are frequently higher in the same nutrients. Iceberg also can tend to accumulate cadmium (a toxic metal known to cause cancer) when it’s in the soil and who here really knows where their lettuce was grown besides Lesli and Dana?

Personally, we use just mix all our lettuces together in salads. With what we get from our CSA we usually have spinach, mustard greens, turnip tops, cress, and buttercrunch on hand. I just buy iceberg or romaine, whichever is cheaper that week, to supplement. What do you use?

Watch the Cashier!!!

I think I should be a cashier for a day. I believe it would help me to not be so impatient with them. Honestly, I feel they’re usually impatient with me so my impatience with them is probably just a defense mechanism. Hmmm…

Either way, keep an eye on them! I tend to look at the price of every item before throwing it in my cart so that I’m familiar enough with ballpark figures to be able to tell if it rings up for the wrong price. Take last night for example. I’m at HyVee buying raw honey raw honey and milk a random assortment of items including lettuce. I almost didn’t buy the lettuce cause I felt $1.99 for iceberg to be a bit steep when I really wanted cherries, but I’m not about to spend $7/lb. on those so the price of the lettuce was rather irrelevant all in all. As I’m checking out I notice that the lettuce has rung up at $2.69. What? Thinking that it’s completely possible I misread the sign given my internal battle over cherry lust I stay quiet. Before leaving I made a sweep past the lettuce to check its price and see that I had been right after all. Hurrah! This is wonderful given HyVee’s policy of refunding you for the item they mischarged you for! Just don’t mention it in the check out lane cause they frequently just change it on the receipt vs. giving it to you for free. The customer service desk is a better bet. Check your stores policy. I think i remember Jewel being the same way growing up in the Chicago suburbs.

I ended up with free lettuce worth $1.99 plus a $2.69 cash refund for their mistake equaling  $4.68.

Hmmm. That would almost cover a pound of cherries…

40DayFast Participant List

Instead of posting one a day I’ll just be sending you guys back to this list so it’s all nicely in one place. I appreciated what Brant had to say about “Where God Is” in his post today. Have a great Day!

(update: see list on sidebar)

Redbox Code for the week.


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Remember you can use it as many times as you have credit cards! :)

The 40 Day Fast

For Erik and I it started with this picture:

It broke both of our hearts and challenged us to look at how we use the resources God has so generously bestowed on us.

We are so blessed to be able to be picky about what we put in our bodies as nourishment. Eating organic is a privilege for our family, not a right. I just want to make sure we don’t forget those who have no choice and no voice in areas that extend beyond just nutrition.

Kat introduced us to the above picture on her blog post entitled “Please Don’t Look Away”. That was the inspiration that launched The 40 Day Fast (see new button on left sidebar). Basically, there will be 80 bloggers, two a day, who will write a post on an organization meeting a need of a country or general cause in the world. They will also be responsible for fasting on that day.

Last year I just watched. This year I’m taking action. I will be one of the bloggers on July 1st. I will also be including links every day to the other posters of the day so you can follow along.

Don’t look away and just continue with your day.

Let your heart be broken. Let their voices be heard. Be uncomfortable. Make a change in another’s life. You won’t regret it…