What to eat… When to buy it… When to eat it…

Note: The following post was written on May 31st.
Confession: June 2nd I spent $30 at HyVee.

Well, I have now succeeded in spending Junes grocery budget in May. Oh, well. I guess that’s what happens on my first month being in charge of the budget. Things can only get better from here! I am planning on only spending ten dollars a week on food for the rest of the month. Wish me luck!

In my defense, I had a lot of fabulous coupons that were going to expire May 31st, so I did quite a bit of stockpiling. We should have more than enough veggies with our local farm Co-Op beginning delivery next Friday and I think we have enough grains as well. Erik also would like to point out that we have just shy of 40 cans of Bush’s Grillin’ Beans in the hall closet. All in all, starvation is not a concern unless a tornado runs off with our deep freeze in the garage.

8 Comments on “What to eat… When to buy it… When to eat it…”

  1. Blakely says:

    We got over $12 worth of free product when we were grocery shopping over the weekend. About $9 was free Mars candy prodcut, due to a mishap with a Snickers that I called the company about. The remainder was on the new Kraft dressing. There’s a coupon in this months Food & Family magazine for a free bottle of dressing. We got fresh, organic lettuce from the farmer’s market this weekend, so we’re excited for salad!! (I can’t believe I said that…)

  2. Blakely says:

    The smiley face was not intentional…

  3. Sarah says:

    I have to say, either your pantry is very well organized, or you are excellent at giving the illusion of a very well organized pantry.

  4. Dana says:

    We can feed you lettuce if you Co-op doesn’t over stack you! And, I could spend only $10/wk on groceries for our family of 5 last summer, so it is totally doable! You’ll do great!

  5. Blakely- Congrats on your free food! I just signed up for the Food and Family mag and can’t wait to get it and scour it for coupons too. Thanks for pointing that out as a good resource! I also just had a good response from Gillette due to a Venus Razor mishap as well, so I hear ya on letting your voice be heard!

    Dana- Thanks for the encouragement! I will eat all the lettuce provided to me with none wasted, I promise. I love me a good salad! Let me know when you have more than you guys could use and I’ll take some off your hands for sure! Thanks!

  6. Alicia says:

    Dana- so was that $10/wk after some initial amount? Cause $40-50/month seems crazy!! Although I guess if you got all of your produce from your garden.
    Ambre- Mike and I have always done, probably will always continue to do the cash envelope system for groceries. It forces me to stay within budget. A few times we have just purposely skipped groceries for awhile to try to clean out the pantry and eat what we have. It seems like there’s always random stuff that ends up in your cupboards that apparently looked good at the grocery, but never sounds appetizing once you have it at home! :)

  7. Dana says:

    Alicia – yes, I had a fair stash at home and we had our garden in full swing, but it was out of necessity not out of good planning and resourcefulness. Thankfully it worked out as well as it did and we were all fed. I do not spend only $10/wk now, :)!

    Ambre – i was going to bring a salad for house church side on sunday if it works out with their main dish, is that ok? and we grow tons of lettuce and have no shortage, so unless they overwhelm you from your coop, i will bring you some each week. :)! (And anyone else who wants some for that matter)

  8. Thanks, Dana! and salad as a side will work great. :)

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