Is it all for show?

I would like to take a moment right now while eating my NewPi chocolate chip cookie in my breeze filled living room  while my baby naps to address some serious and harsh accusations I have recently received from someone whom shall remain nameless (cough! Sarah! cough!).

For those of you who have been wondering “does Ambre’s pantry really look so neat and organized or was that just for the sake of her reputation in the blogging world?” I will answer you. Yes, my pantry does look that fabulous. Here’s the situation. I am an oldest child with youngest child tendencies. Put another way: My cans all face front in my pantry and my clothes all live on the floor in my bedroom! Um, Yes. This is a picture taken moments ago. The Pit... Please don’t look too closely and none of it’s Erik’s mess as his closet is neatly organized in another room. But, by golly! I have amazing looking cabinets and pantries!

7 Comments on “Is it all for show?”

  1. Alicia S. says:

    I don’t think we can be friends any more.

  2. WHAT?!?!? (walks away with tears streaming down face)

  3. erik says:

    wow, that doesn’t look nearly as bad when it’s dark….

  4. erik says:

    and to those interested in noting such things, i am FAR from a neat freak myself.

  5. Blakely says:

    That doesn’t look as bad as I remember your room in Cramer’s basement at one point…

  6. Sarah says:

    Erik’s first comment is classic.

    We should make a deal. You organize my cabinet/pantry and I’ll organize your bedroom.

  7. Sarah says:

    And it doesn’t seem like anyone has actually clicked on the picture to really see your organizational skills in all their glory. ;)

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