Great Grains: Quinoa take 1

I finally made quinoa (pronounces KEEN-wah) the other night and it was good! I was inspired by a recipe I found over at VeganYumYum’s blog. I stirfried some asparagus in peanut and olive oil with garlic, two dried chilis, a small carrot, a tablespoon of agave, Tamari (you could use soy sauce), rice vinegar and sesame oil. It was a tasty dinner as the nuttiness of the quinoa blended in so smoothly with the peanut oil in the veggiefry. All three of us really enjoyed it.

Aparagus and Quinoa Stirfry

The next morning we had the leftover quinoa warmed up with milk and cinnamon. Another winner!

Also: this month at NewPi quinoa is only $1.49/lb. compared to the usual $2.39/lb. So stock up, ya’all!

One Comment on “Great Grains: Quinoa take 1”

  1. Danl says:

    This sounds like a tasty recipe. Thanks for sharing. Nice photo too. Quinoa was named as the grain of the future by the United Nations. We just launched the first vodka made from organic, fair trade quinoa which provides a natural organic sweetness to the spirit. Check it out at or
    cheers! Dan

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