The Raw Deal

Honey is just honey, right? It’s mildly sweet, comes it a cute bottle that’s shaped like a bear and is especially tasty on Mom’s cornbread. If you agree with the above statement then we’ve been living under the same rock, my friend! Honey is amazing!

It is the only food to contain the antioxident pinocembrin.

It can sustain life as it includes up to 18% water (I don’t think I would recomend eating enough honey to quench your thirst though!).

It’s anti-microbial so you could use it as a natural alternative to  neosporin if you wanted.

It’s up to twice as sweet as regular sugar (so remember to adjust recipes accordingly).

It absorbs and retains moisture so it’s great for keeping your baked goods soft and yummy especially if you’re planning to mail them to someone (like me!).

If you’ve read the above and are thinking to yourself “Okay, Ambre, sure I agree that most of those things are true. I don’t think it’s as tasty as you want me to believe and I don’t think it’s at all as sweet as sugar.” Well, my friends, let me share something with you. As of two days ago I would have had to concur with that assessment, but then I met honey. Real honey. Unprocessed honey. Raw honey. Honey from bees in this here state (that’s how people in Iowa talk in my mind!). And I shall never again be able to enjoy honey from a  plastic bear bottle again.

I’m not making this up! Go get yourself a bottle of raw honey and a container of processed honey and have your friends do a blind taste test. They will all pick the raw honey. I’ve given samples of both to four different people in the last 24 hours and they’ve all been of the same mind that the raw honey tastes better. I made up a recipe for the bread machine last night called Milk and Honey Oat Bread (more on this in another post)  and it was incredible! The kind of incredible where you wish people didn’t know you’d made it cause you don’t want to have to share it while at the same time wanting everyone to try some so they can experience the most delicious plain bread I’ve ever tasted!

Long and short of it? Find yourself some raw honey and you’ll never go back!

5 Comments on “The Raw Deal”

  1. Sarah says:

    Did you get the honey from NewPi or the farmers’ market?

  2. ivanandangel says:

    Hi, I was just clicking the Random Blog arrow and came across yours. Interesting reading! I’m trying to eat better (i.e., more fruits, veggies and whole grains) myself. I live in Seattle so it’s not too difficult to find high quality produce.

    My blog is called Inscrutable Girl if you are ever bored and want to take a look.

    Thanks for your fun blog! I’m going to try the raw honey.

  3. Thanks for saying Hi and enjoy the raw honey!

  4. April says:

    I’m SUPER excited for you to post the recipe for your bread! I’ll be checking back!

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