The 40 Day Fast

For Erik and I it started with this picture:

It broke both of our hearts and challenged us to look at how we use the resources God has so generously bestowed on us.

We are so blessed to be able to be picky about what we put in our bodies as nourishment. Eating organic is a privilege for our family, not a right. I just want to make sure we don’t forget those who have no choice and no voice in areas that extend beyond just nutrition.

Kat introduced us to the above picture on her blog post entitled “Please Don’t Look Away”. That was the inspiration that launched The 40 Day Fast (see new button on left sidebar). Basically, there will be 80 bloggers, two a day, who will write a post on an organization meeting a need of a country or general cause in the world. They will also be responsible for fasting on that day.

Last year I just watched. This year I’m taking action. I will be one of the bloggers on July 1st. I will also be including links every day to the other posters of the day so you can follow along.

Don’t look away and just continue with your day.

Let your heart be broken. Let their voices be heard. Be uncomfortable. Make a change in another’s life. You won’t regret it…

2 Comments on “The 40 Day Fast”

  1. Alicia M says:

    That is such a heartbreaking picture. The photographer who shot it won a Pulitzer prize for that photo, and then committed suicide a few weeks after winning.
    It’s always good to remember how blessed we are to have food at all. It can be easy to get so picky about things or become worried that we’re not able to afford all organic or whatever, but those worries are luxuries that many do not have. Food period is all that matters.

  2. I had heard that. I’ve also read that this child was in the process of crawling a mile to a UN center for food and the vulture was following. So sad…

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