Watch the Cashier!!!

I think I should be a cashier for a day. I believe it would help me to not be so impatient with them. Honestly, I feel they’re usually impatient with me so my impatience with them is probably just a defense mechanism. Hmmm…

Either way, keep an eye on them! I tend to look at the price of every item before throwing it in my cart so that I’m familiar enough with ballpark figures to be able to tell if it rings up for the wrong price. Take last night for example. I’m at HyVee buying raw honey raw honey and milk a random assortment of items including lettuce. I almost didn’t buy the lettuce cause I felt $1.99 for iceberg to be a bit steep when I really wanted cherries, but I’m not about to spend $7/lb. on those so the price of the lettuce was rather irrelevant all in all. As I’m checking out I notice that the lettuce has rung up at $2.69. What? Thinking that it’s completely possible I misread the sign given my internal battle over cherry lust I stay quiet. Before leaving I made a sweep past the lettuce to check its price and see that I had been right after all. Hurrah! This is wonderful given HyVee’s policy of refunding you for the item they mischarged you for! Just don’t mention it in the check out lane cause they frequently just change it on the receipt vs. giving it to you for free. The customer service desk is a better bet. Check your stores policy. I think i remember Jewel being the same way growing up in the Chicago suburbs.

I ended up with free lettuce worth $1.99 plus a $2.69 cash refund for their mistake equaling  $4.68.

Hmmm. That would almost cover a pound of cherries…


3 Comments on “Watch the Cashier!!!”

  1. Leslie says:

    I totally need to bring you lettuce!! We have to much!! I just keep missing you, i had some for you on wednesday but you guys weren’t there… maybe I’ll bring some extra home tonight and try to get it to you! :)

  2. That would be great! Yeah, we were on vaca last week and we might be going on a date tonight, but I always leave a cooler on the patio so stop by any time! Thanks!

  3. April says:

    So I always have heard and thought that iceberg lettuce was pretty void of nutritents. Is this another myth like canola oil being good for you?

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