For Your Info…

Thursday already? Okay, then!

*You can build your vocabulary while providing rice through the UN to starving people here.

*Speaking of vocabulary, do you know what this word means: FOZY? Can you use it in a sentence? Hit me with your best sentence in the comments section and if I am duly impressed (or just crazy amused) there may have to be a small prize.

*I know we all think about the contaminates and toxins such as PCBs and heavy metals we ingest or absorb from the world around us. You wanna know who really has it rough in that arena though? Killer Whales. They, my friends, are the top of the food chain so every other contaminate that anything on down the food chain ate ends up in their body where they can’t get rid of it any more than the rest of us can. In fact, they are so heavily laden with toxins that if one of them gets beached (poor thing) they qualify as a toxic biohazard? I’m sorry, but that makes me chuckle.

Sea World, Winter \'08

(Picture from Vacation with Grandpa Bob Winter ’08- Sea World, Texas)

*1/12 of a teaspoon of honey is about all a worker bee will produce in its lifetime.

* I was chatting with my new favorite farmer at the CR farmers market Monday night before my class. We were talking about his hives and he mentioned that if you take processed honey from the store and feed it to bees they get sick and generally die. Sweet! I’ll take some of that, please! And just so there’s no confusion, that last part was called “sarcasm”.

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