Brittney Mann, sister, friend…

We lost a dear friend to colon cancer yesterday. Britt was a sweet girl that Erik had gone to college with. They both belonged to the same small church group for awhile and he counted her as one of his dearest female friends after our wedding. Britt was courageous to the end and never waivered in her trust in God and her assurance of where she was going when she left this earthly body.

Congratulations, Brittney on receiving your reward. You will be missed. Your family will remain in our prayers. We will smile at your funeral because we share your Hope.

(Brittney visiting us at the hospital after Nara’s birth. I think she’d laugh cause I can’t flip photos!)

2 Comments on “Brittney Mann, sister, friend…”

  1. Sarah says:

    Yeah, I think she would laugh at you. :) She was pretty awesome like that, always seemed to be laughing at something.

    Your post was really sweet.

  2. […] 4, 2008 in Life | Tags: funeral, loss | This has been a tough month. We lost our good friend Britt, and then last week one of my favorite Great-Aunts passed away. She was 94, but I still […]

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