Greedy Tomato Grubber (me)

As I’ve mentioned before I am unable to have a garden as we have no yard. I do however have some tomato plants growing in kitty litter buckets. They are doing fabulously!I think I have approximately fifteen green tomatoes  right now with more every day.

I don’t like sharing. Actually, I love sharing. I don’t like it when people steal or manipulate the situation instead of just allowing me to share with them. What does this have to do with my two tomato plants you ask? Well, I suspect that my neighbors are going to take my tomatoes without my permission. Why do I think this? Besides just common Ambre paranoia? Because: they all admire my plants and will even stop and look at them and talk amongst themselves when they don’t know I can see them. They keep better track of how many new flowers the plants have then I do. They take it upon themselves to use my water bucket to water the plants when they think I’m slacking. Because they’re there. That’s why.

I don’t think I even was completely aware of the way I had begun to feel towards these individuals- suspicious, unloving, resentful- until I read the following verses and felt conviction in my Spirit that I was being unloving.

Deuteronomy 23:24-25

24 If you go into a vineyard that belongs to someone else, you are allowed to eat as many grapes as you want while you are there. But don’t take any with you when you leave. 25 In the same way, if you are in a grain field that belongs to someone else, you can pick heads of grain and eat the kernels. But don’t cut down the stalks of grain and take them with you.

If this is the way I would have things be if someone asked, I should just resolve in my heart to have it be this way regardless. That frees me up to love my neighbors when I see them and that’s more important to me then my tomatoes.

To boot, if I’m honest with myself, the real reason I want people to ask first is so that I can get the recognition for my benevolence. Yes, benevolence. A haughty word, for a haughty attitude. Shame on me! I didn’t do anything praise worthy with these tomatoes. I didn’t cause the sun to shine or the rain to fall. I didn’t put the nutrients in the dirt. I didn’t keep the bugs or blight away by my great power and knowledge. Praise the Lord for His great mercy!

nara and jamie with my tomato plant

Inara and her Auntie Jamie blowing bubbles behind one of the tomato plants

4 Comments on “Greedy Tomato Grubber (me)”

  1. Sarah says:

    Ah, you too are a Jonah! Sometime last spring I realized that Jonah and I had a lot in common, so I’m glad to see others who are Jonahs too. Anyways, as I was reading your blog I was reminded of Hebrews 13:16 “And don’t forget to do good and to share with those in need. These are the sacrifices that please God.” Who knows what might come from your neighbors picking your tomatoes.

    Thanks for sharing your heart and struggles! If it makes you feel better you are welcome to come pick my blueberries without me knowing. ;)

  2. April says:

    However, what would a local farmer say if you went into his field and started eating his produce and once caught sighted that verse? Maybe that verse is more socially based and doesn’t translate to this society.

    Nonetheless your final point is the right one-about generosity, helping those in possible need, not taking pride in what is rightfully the Lord’s, and not having a poor attitude towards those the Lord loves.

  3. Dana says:

    Thanks for sharing Ambre! I totally go through those same feelings in our community garden lot. But I really love how God teaches us these various lessons through random objects like growing tomato plants or other veggies to my plight against bugs… oh, for that post to be written… and like to said Praise God for His faithfulness to always be teaching us and your faithfulness to listen.

  4. April: I agree that that isn’t the way our society works. The verses were in God’s law to the Israelites. I just felt that if it was important to Him for them to live in that way, that it may apply to how I should be living current society aside.
    Sarah: ah, yes. I have long known myself to be a Jonah! and I may take you up on the Blueberry offer. although “stolen waters don’t taste as sweet” may apply to berries too!
    Dana: as I was writing this post I was reminded of you sharing about your heart struggles with garden thievery last year and all that you had learned. thanks for sharing your struggles too!

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