Black and Blue Smoothies

I’ve been crazy creative with add ins for smothies as of late. For example, last week I had some black beans that I needed to use up. What to do!?! Yep, I threw them in a smoothie. Wouldn’t have even been able to notice them was it not for the fact that they had been spiced. Heavily. With garlic. Personally, I didn’t even pick up on it.

Black and Blue Smoothies

Black and Blue Smoothies

I’ve discovered that as long as there are strawberries present, I’m pretty oblivious to anything else. Erik, on the other hand, I have found to have a gourmet palette. Curious, since when we wed his favorite meals were Totinos Pizzas and Hamburger Helper! Back to the smoothies, my new favorite game is trying to stump him with where I’ve deviated from the norm. He picked up on garlic from the beans and the red pepper (only cause I don’t have a Blend-Tec and my blender left big chunks of skin!) the next day. He missed my personal favorite though: avocados. They are so good for you and blend so smooth you really don’t notice them! Yummy, yummy, yummy!

What have you been adding to your smoothies lately?

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