Friendly, the friendly steer

Let me tell you a story.

Once there was a nice cow. She gave birth to litle twins who were sold to a trader at auction named Jeff. Jeff took these calves to a happy farm to be raised by  the farmers’ sweet wife Gail. Gail bottle fed the babies and loved on them until they were old enough to eat big boy food. By this time, she had named them: Friendly and Spanky. Friendly and Spanky ate and grew and ate and grew and then grew some more until they were big and strong steers.  One cool morning at the beginning of July, Jeff returned to that pretty farm and picked up Friendly and took him on a little trip. This is where they were going:


A handful of days later, the female child of Jeff’s youth went to the little town of Eureka, IL to fetch Friendly with her handsome husband and beautiful daughter. Now 302 pounds of Friendly has a new, nice and cool home:

Welcome to a new season of Friendly’s life. A season of nourishing anothers body. What a noble steer. What a blessing!


6 Comments on “Friendly, the friendly steer”

  1. Sarah says:

    Oh, I can’t wait to have a little Friendly! Hmmm, is there any chance we could get Spanky?

  2. John says:

    that makes my mouth water. meeeeeat…

  3. Alicia M says:

    We get meat from my sister sometimes (her husband raises cattle). We’ve been enjoying Riley lately. :)

  4. Spanky went on a truck ride a few days after Friendly did, Sarah. Sorry!
    Alicia, I’m glad to hear about Riley! Do they raise cattle locally?

  5. John, you and Stephi and the kids have an open invitation to dinner at our place. :)

  6. Alicia M says:

    They live near State Center, so somewhat local. Not organice thought, but I feel better getting it from them rather than buying from the grocery store. I don’t have to worry when I hear the beef recalls.
    However, my parents have had to switch witch locker they use. A couple years ago the ground beef they got had little bits of hyde in it. They hadn’t noticed, but gave some to us, and I noticed these black flecks in the meat and on closer inspection it looked like there were tiny white bristle-like hairs on them. Definitely made me lose my taste for ground beef for awhile. Now that we use a different locker, everything’s been A-ok.

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