Swimming with the Fishies or Please Stay In My Kitchen

I did it. Despite what I said before I went ahead and bought anchovies! Indulge me as I share my rationalization please. I really enjoy Caesar salads and everything I read says you need them in your dressing for authentic flavor. Not to mention they are very high in protein! So, yeah, they are now chillaxin’ (Erik’s favorite word) in the pantry waiting for me to get up the nerve to try them.

“I will nevers” can be pretty tough to promise since people can modify their minds through knowledge and hormones and the Holy Spirit can change hearts. Frankly, I doubt God really cared much about the anchovy purchase Monday night, but I’m writing more generally about the principles of life here, folks! Never say never. Never say always either. In that spirit, I would like to propose a new list of items that at this moment in life with the knowledge and current enjoyments that we have, we would like to think we shall forever find in our kitchen followed by three things we are dreaming for. Here goes for me:

1. Ziplock Freezer Bags- I love these little soldiers!

2. My beautiful Kitchen Aid Mixer and Ice Cream Maker Attachment

3. coconut oil

4. garlic press, the Pampered Chef one: it actually works and keeps me from having smelly hands

5. cumin

6. milk for making kefir, yoghurt, and ice cream

7. raw honey

8.  frozen strawberries (they do wonders for the consistency of a smoothie)

9. milled flax seed/flax seed oil

10. my crazy huge cookbook/recipe collection

My Dreams and Kitchen Desires:

1. Blend-Tec

2. Pampered Chef Stainless Steel Pots and Pans set (this is my goal by end of summer with my PChef commission checks)

3. Mortar and Pestle

Mortar and Pestle

How about you?

5 Comments on “Swimming with the Fishies or Please Stay In My Kitchen”

  1. Blakely says:

    1. Salmon and/or tilapia – my mom is allergic to freshwater fish, so I never really had fish until Aaron, but now I love it!!
    2. Frozen fruit for smoothies.
    3. Toaster oven – great for the 2 of us!!
    4. Cheese knife
    5. Rice steamer
    6. Minced garlic
    7. Ziploc bags – washed and re-used even!!
    8. Ice cream
    9. Kitchen Aid Mixer
    10. “High Fructose Corn Syrup-Free” bread

    My dreams: (These are the things I want, not necessarily the things my husband – the cook – wants…)
    1. Ice cream attachment for kitchen aid mixer
    2. Herb garden
    3. Dishwasher – I actually got this one 2 weeks ago when we moved!!

  2. April says:

    I would love to have a garlic press!! And I am sooo with you on the blendtec. We have a tendency to buy some expensive things so I think before the year is over we’ll get one…maybe for xmas…

  3. .ambre. says:

    Erik rolled his eyes but acquiesced when I suggested asking for the ice cream attachment as our “big” Christmas gift last year. A couple of weeks ago he reminisced about that moment and told me that he now acknowledged that I knew what I was doing then! Get it. You’ll both fall in love with it, I promise!

  4. Sarah says:

    1. Magic bullet for quick making smoothies.
    2. Yogurt for above mentioned smoothies.
    3. Kitchen Aid.
    4. Rice milk.
    5. Brown rice.
    6. Spanish rice seasoning.
    7. Fajita seasoning.
    8. Tortillas.
    9. Tortilla chips.
    10. Salsa.
    Oh, and just to make you jealous…
    11. My mortar and pestel from Grandma.

    My dreams:
    1. All organic everything.
    2. Rice milk based ice cream.
    3. Food processor.

  5. Alicia M says:

    I have a garlic press but it’s not too good. I’m pretty sure it’s Oxo brand. We actually saw it reviewed somewhere after we got it for our wedding and it got the worst review :( I still use it anyways.

    My list would include:
    1) Blender for smoothies.
    2) olive oil
    3) Tortellini ( i could eat this every day, mike could too!)
    4) my kitchen aid mixer
    5) wooden spoons (I really like the bamboo PC ones mike’s mom gave me)
    6) Not from concentrate orange juice (or no OJ at all!)
    7) Penzey’s italian seasoning blend
    8) Refrigerator drawers full of produce- it really makes me sooo happy when I get home from the store and get to see my fridge fill up with healthy foods
    9) A dishwasher
    10) Good tasting water- I really can’t handle it when water tastes funky.

    My dreams:
    1) A super nice blender, like the blendtec or a Vitamix
    2) Grain mill
    3) An 8×8 pan. I have like three 9×13 pans, but no square pan and have been finding myself wishing I had one lately
    4) And I’m with sarah- all organic everything would be sweet :)

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