For Your Information…

Sorry about missing last week everyone (everyone who cares, that is). I’ll try to make this week extra informative to make up for it. Here goes:

*Kjirstin, the three year old I’m nannying for this summer has a special skill: she can force herself to vomit if I have the audacity to have her try something new… like a banana cookie. Note to self: put carpet cleaner on speed dial.

*Soaking your cut up onion in water for fifteen minutes and then draining it will remove the bite.

*Add a dash of lemon juice to your soups. The acidity will cause all other flavors to pop and you really shouldn’t notice the lemon except maybe if you have a crazy fine tuned palate.

*Find yourself bloated? Try eating watermelon, asparagus, celery, grapefruit or cucumber. They’re natural diuretics and can help you de-puffify. Avoid artificial sweetener (gross!) and carbonated beverages and you will cut down on how much you puff up in the first place!

*Lemons contain more natural sugars than a strawberry.

*Over 500,000,000 snails are consumed in France annually. Again, gross!

*Secret ingredient in dynamite? Peanuts!

Your turn! What do you know?


9 Comments on “For Your Information…”

  1. Sarah says:

    When you get a burn (say from your cookie sheet…) you should run cold water over it, then cut a potato and place it over the burn. This will help ease the pain and cut down on scarring.

    You should switch up the direction in which you mow your lawn. Example: If you do straight up and down one time, do side to side from corner to corner the next time. This will not only help your grass grow, it ensures that you don’t miss any areas that would otherwise become matted down from being mowed in one constant direction.

    You can dye your hair darker with black tea. And lighten it with lemon juice.

  2. Alicia S. says:

    To prepare a prized chicken for the 4-H fair:

    1. Catch the unsuspecting chicken. In soothing, low tones, tell it that it is a very good, nice chicken.
    2. Fill a five gallon bucket of warm water (no soap).
    3. Put the chicken in the bucket and swirl it around and up and down for awhile. Discover that your chicken floats! (Note: Your chicken will appreciate it if you prevent pneumonia and drowning by not submerging its head or leaving it unsupervised.)
    4. Use a toothbrush or fingernail brush to remove any stubborn dirt on the legs and feet.
    5. Mix 1 part leave-in conditioner with 2 parts water and sponge or spritz on lightly.
    6. Carefully blow-dry the chicken with your hair dryer on a low setting.
    7. Pluck any permanently dingleberried feathers that may be in the rear exit area.
    8. Trim any toenails that are excessively long.
    9. Beautify the chicken by greasing its comb, waddle, earlobes, beak, legs, spurs and feet with Vaseline.
    10. To keep your dazed chicken all shiny and nice-smelling for the judge, don’t feed it for several hours prior to show. (It will poop and then step in it.)
    11. Pretend to be surprised as you accept your Best In Show plaque and be gracious to the losers who naively showed dirty poultry.

    Writing this really made me miss having chickens.

  3. Thanks for your subtlety on the burn topic, Sarah. Really. :)
    Black tea, huh? What would you get with green tea, I wonder?

  4. Alicia, thanks for the clearly laid out run-down of the life of a prize show chicken. it really was quite enlightening!

  5. Alicia S. says:

    I guess it was more of a tutorial than a list of little-known facts.

  6. April says:

    I knew that about celery and thought it was a good thought to pass on to pregnant women, who often complain about being “bloated”. Now I have more foods to pass on for those last few weeks bloatedness. Thanks!

  7. soak the onion!?

    i worked as a telemarketer on an onion farm and i didn’t know that. (long story – sorry)… but, i guess since we were growing/selling SWEET onions, we didn’t have to worry about the bite!

  8. Alicia M says:

    For your information some very sad news :( This came across my Hunger and Environmental Nutrition listserv yesterday:
    FDA: High fructose corn syrup can be labeled “natural”
    High fructose corn syrup that is manufactured without being touched by synthetic fixing agents can be labeled “natural,” the FDA said. A representative from the corn refiners industry responded, “This is very good news, and makes it clear once again that HFCS is at a parity with sugar.” FoodNavigator (7/8)


  9. Dana says:

    I have 2 kids who we had to train not to vomit upon eating new or unusual foods, but a banana cookie? How could she not like that?

    I know that regular yellow, white and red onions need not be refrigerated but that sweet, vidalia type onions should be. Since they don’t have the bite they don’t have the enzyme (or whatever it is) that makes them stay longer without refrigeration.

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