Let V-8 Rev Your Engine

Sarah made me a smoothie the other day in her magic bullet (sweet toy!) that had some V8 Acacia Berry Fusion in it. It was tasty! Walmart sells this 100% fruit juice and it’s priced at about $2.98. Right now V-8 is offering a $2.00 off coupon here.

46 oz. of 100% juice for $.98? Not too shabby!

3 Comments on “Let V-8 Rev Your Engine”

  1. Alicia S. says:

    Acai must be the new pomegranate.

  2. It would seem that way, wouldn’t it? It’s yummy though!

  3. Blakely says:

    We love the Blueberry Pomegranate V-8 Fusion. We’ve tried the Acacia before, but I think it was more expensive, so we’ve stuck with the BP. With a coupon though, we might have to give it another try!!

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