Water, Water, Water!

Here are some foods with HIGH water content. So high (like drinking from the hose high!) that if you ate these all the time you probably would never have to drink water from a glass again. Okay, in all likelihood that last part is not true. It really would just be ideal since most filtered waters taste like crap. On to the list!

Navel Oranges are 85.97% water and are delicious.

Watermelon (check out the name!) is 91.45% water and freezes well to add to smoothies later.

Sweet Onions (raw) contain 91.42% water, but Erik will only eat them sauteed in butter so that doesn’t help me any on my quest to quit drinking. Quit drinking water that is. Bartender!

Watercress comes in with 95.11% water and a lot of dirt. Hmm. Maybe that’s just my watercress from our CSA. Continue on.

Red grapes register at 80.54% of Adam’s ale. Inara loves these. I wish it wasn’t so expensive to buy organic!

Green Peppers could sustain me if they needed while stranded on an agriculture island (I would never be lucky enough to land on the tropical island). They are 93.89% water after all.

Lettuce is 95.07% while Spinach is 91.4% water as long as you don’t cook it. Salad anyone?

percentages provided by the USDA Nutrient Data Laboratory

Watermelon tap instructions found here.

6 Comments on “Water, Water, Water!”

  1. Blakely says:

    Love the picture!

    I’ve been wanting to get a watermelon, but wasn’t sure if Aaron and I could consume it all ourselves, but I think I’ll do it after your “freezing for smoothies” tip.

  2. paretsam says:

    Why do you want to stop drinking water? Or is it just the dirty water you’re talking about?

  3. Blakely, glad the tip was useful to someone!
    Paretsam- welcome! I gave up drinking Dasani water ( which I loved) because of the plastic bottles filling landfill issue. We now drink filtered Brita water in our home. I think it tastes awful and if I wait even five minutes after pouring it I can hardly choke it down! That’s my problem. Have a solution for me?

  4. erik says:

    hey kinetico man! too bad g dubs isn’t going to send us another check….

  5. Alicia M says:

    Ambre- Do you have a brita on your tap or a pitcher? Mike and I got a pitcher from his parents since they didn’t need it anymore, but we thought it tasted awful. What we have done since moving to NL (i miss Ames’ water!) is fill up a 5 gallon jug at wal-mart of the culligan water and refill a container in our fridge. That way we aren’t throwing any plastic away. However, if you’re concerned about plastic in general, it may not be the best solution. Although you could fill up your 5 gallon container and put it in glass jars as soon as you get home if you’re concerned about plastics. The water is pretty cheap, I think maybe 25 cents a gallon.

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