Food Math: Number recognition

Ya know those little paper stickers on your fruit and veggies that you buy at the the grocery store? I suspect you too have eaten a few of these too. Did you know that the code on them identifies the produce as either organic or not? It’s true! If it starts with a four, it’s your run of the mill fruit or veggie, if it starts with a nine on the other hand you are beholding superior organic goodness! Now you know.

5 Comments on “Food Math: Number recognition”

  1. Amanda Tripp says:

    Believe it or not, I totally knew that. My roommate, Becky, is working at a grocery store this summer. She’s been randomly telling me key codes for different fruits and veggies. I just learned about two days ago the secret for organic. It’s technically the very same number as its run-of-the-mill brother, you just add a nine. But not all regular produce starts with four.

  2. amommaonamission says:

    I still remember that bananas are 4011 from when I worked grocery 8 years ago…. wow.

  3. what doesn’t start with four, doy? and would its counterpart still start with nine?
    Leah- Isn’t it crazy the stuff that sticks with us? I’m can still list all the burger toppings for steak ‘n shake. :)

  4. Amanda says:

    If I remember correctly, there is some produce that starts with something other than four. But the organic version would still just have a nine added at the beginning.

  5. Alicia M says:

    Amanda- you’re right, I just read about this somewhere else, but can’t remeber where. I think that some things start with 3 (not sure what or why) and genetically modified foods start with 8, although this isn’t in wide use. I think that originally the produce people though consumers would desire and pay more for GM produce- ha!

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