August Aspirations

“Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.”                                                                                                                                  – Japanese Proverb

I need goals. A clearly laid out plan. A highly visible target. A comprehensible aim. The end in sight.

The following is my paradigm for the month of August. I’ll keep you abreast of my successes and shortcomings therein…

1) To prepare at least one meal with meat a week as this is something Erik greatly enjoys.

2) To personally not eat any white (processed) sugar. I will instead use natural sweeteners such as maple syrup, agave, stevia, and honey- all of which I’ve been playing around with in preparation for this switch.

3) To personally eat one raw meal a day. A smoothie obviously counts here. I need to make sure there’s something green in every one though. No more of these just fruit delights for me!

4) To serve one raw meal a week to the family. (Stay tuned for some amazing and simple raw dessert recipes!)

Raw Chocolate Coconut Macaroon Bliss

Raw Chocolate Coconut Macaroon Bliss

5) To floss every day. (sigh) Last night I was told I have six months to reverse some gum issues or my life, as I now know it, is over according to my dentists’ assistant. Suck.

6) To not blog during the day until after I have spent some time with God. I really wish this didn’t have to be a stated goal, instead being something that naturally occurred, but it doesn’t. So it must.

7) To scale back on my wardrobe. This is part of my goal to live with less to being able to live more.

8) To go for a walk at least five days a week either outside or on the treadmill. I’d prefer outside as would Inara!

I think that about covers it. Whew. I can’t wait to get started!

How about you? Want to join me in making a goal for the month? Something we can all keep each other accountable for and updated on come September 1st? You know you want to! Share away!

9 Comments on “August Aspirations”

  1. Blakely says:

    1) To eat vegetables with dinner at least 5 nights a week. I get some veggies most days, because we use V8 Fusion in our smoothies and add kale, but I know I could get a lot more.
    2) To have a meat-free dinner at least 2 nights a week. Meat usually isn’t the focus of our meals anyways, but I know it would be good for our bodies and budget if we skipped it a couple times a week. In addition, I want to have fish 1-2 nights a week.
    3) Unpack!! I think I’m going a little crazy living in a house that is as full of boxes and as unorganized as mine currently is.
    4) To floss every night and wash my face every night. I have also recently gotten a “talking to” by the dental assistant about flossing. And I’m just too lazy to wash my face some nights, but I’ve been breaking out a lot more since stopping BC and I think my skin would be a lot clearer if I stopped being so lazy…

    Do you think you can help hold me accountable from 140 miles away??

  2. John says:


  3. you bet, Blakely. I’ll be all over you like dishes on my counter!

  4. April says:

    Ambre, I hope you stick with these mainly because I’m really interested to hear how it goes! I was surprised to see that you had a goal of making/cooking dinner on there because I assumed you made dinner most nights due to wanting to control what you guys eat.

    Here are mine:

    1. Continue to walk the dog 3-5x a week.
    2. Start being more diligent with vegetarian meals (did you read that we are going to go semi-vegetarian?)
    3. Go to the farmers market/local markets every week to get our produce there instead of the supermarket.

  5. To clarify, April, my goal is to cook WITH meat or to prepare a meal sans “cooking” (raw). The goals had more to do with the style of meal preparation, cause your assumption was correct. I am generally in control of what goes on everyone’s plate around here!

  6. April says:

    Whoops! Totally missed the “with meat” part of that goal! Just read it w/o the words “with meat” and was really confused!

  7. Sarah says:

    I’m a little late in my entry, but here are my goals for August:

    – make 3 vegetarian dinners a week

    – actually learn (rather, retain) how to make tortillas start to finish

    – make a cookbook with all of Grandma’s recipes before she leaves to go back to Texas

  8. Dana says:

    Hey, I was just flossing and thought of your post… how is the flossing going? I must say, after becoming a mom, flossing became a whenever I can fit it in activity but at the same time due to giving birth several times became a more than important activity that had to be done. I hope it is going better for you!

  9. Thanks for checking in on me, Dana! I’ve only missed one day on the evening brush and floss which isn’t too bad!

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