For Your Information…

OOPS! Guess the week got away from me! Better late, than never, right?

Here we go then:

* Scientists have discovered more than 80,000 plants with medicinal properties. Thanks, God!

* Of all the drugs currently on the market, 25% of them are based on plant extracts.

* Ever wonder how much money the whole pharmaceutical industry pulls in annually? Just a little curious? It’s a paltry $100 billion. We should definitely offer to pay more…

* I was reading about the nutritional value of limes and was read “Avoid including limes in your diet if you’re interested in weight gain”. Now I know that for some people there is a real need to gain wight but I am not one of those people and neither are most of my friends. I’m not saying we’re candidates for weight loss, but I don’t think we’re consumed by thoughts of “Oh, my, how ever shall I manage to gain some weight today?”. I’m just sayin’.

* You can get rid of onion breath by eating parsley. Good old parsley!

* Americans eat, on average, 18.8 ponds of onions a year. Yum!

* If you are a female and wearing a “hat that would scare a timid person” then you are not allowed to be seen eating onions in public if you’re in Blue Hill, Nebraska. Oh, the laws just asking to be broken!

* Onions are stronger flavored at the root end.

* Erik will eat onions as long as hey are fried in butter. I may have already mentioned that, but it’s such a breakthrough for us that I felt it bore repeating.

* I just bought a big bag of onions for $2.00 at Fareway. Sweet!

* If you have a sliver you can put a bit of onion on it and cover it with a band-aid over night. Word on the street is that the onion will draw that sucker out. Crazy!

What Do You Know? Do Tell!

2 Comments on “For Your Information…”

  1. Blakely says:

    Being dehydrated causes your metabolism to slow down.

  2. That’s crazy! Thanks for sharing, I think I’ve seen that to be true in my life of late.

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