Yay For New Toys!

Look at what came in the mail for a certain Ambre last week:

Infinity Blender

Infinity Blender

Now, I know it’s not the greatly desired Blend-Tec, but it has a 22,000 RPM, 1.25 horepower motor,  and can smoothify things quite nicely. It was also a great deal at Overstock! I am lovin’ it!

Here is the trial fruit smoothie I made in it:

And here we are not ten seconds later:

Smooth as a baby’s butt!

This gadget cleans like a dream which it one of my favorite features. Erik’s favorite is that it doesn’t sound like a jet engine. Yeah, that’s nice too.

By the way, wanna know what my new favorite smoothie ingredient is? Cucumber! It’s great for your skin. :)


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