Smoothies, Smoothies Everywhere!

Being International Green Smoothie Day and all, I decided to make a very green smoothie. This was actually the greenest smoothie I’ve ever consumed. It was comprised of Parsley, Cucumber, Kale, powdered Kelp, a pinch of Stevia, half a Banana, a handful of Strawberries, five Raspberries, some Watermelon, juice of half a Lime, and a touch of Milk. Very green in color, very green in taste.

Inara loved it. Seriously, she couldn’t get enough! What a silly kid!

Personally, I think I still prefer less gardeny tasting beverages, but it was time to get over myself branch out.

My favorite smoothie concoction of late has been my Banana Split Green Smoothie. Here’s the recipe:

  • two branches of kale
  • half to a whole avocado
  • milk
  • frozen strawberries
  • frozen bananas
  • powdered kelp
  • frozen pineapple chunks
  • cocoa powder
  • big spoonful of peanut butter

So delicious! I think I’m going to go make one now!

What’s your favorite smoothie combination thus far?

that’s the color green of my breakfast smoothie today, btw.


2 Comments on “Smoothies, Smoothies Everywhere!”

  1. April says:

    One day John didn’t have a smoothie and the kale wasn’t going to last another day so I had a smoothie w/ 6 cups of kale in it! It was a bit too green for me too!

    Thanks for the recipe. Since I’m going to gently ease myself back into smoothies that one sounds like a winner! (How much cocoa powder do you use and how much PB?)

  2. April, I don’t measure either but if i had to guess I’d say i probably use one and a half tablespoons of peanut butter and a couple teaspoons of cocoa.

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