I’ve got the Blues!

My daughter tends to really like two foods at a time. She’ll eat other stuff (sometimes), but mainly just these two items. For the longest time it was yogurt and noodles. A duo of good enough for you while quite filling foods. No complaints.

Right now those two items are breast milk and blueberries. At this exact moment in time it’s the pair of them simultaneously. Why right now? At 4:30 in the morning? Because, my friends, blueberries are not that filling and when you’re a growing nineteen month-old, neither is what your mommy’s producing no matter how much you enjoy either one. So you’re hungry all night long as you were too cranky and tired to eat before going to sleep because church went later than you’re used to. And nursing every thirty minutes all through the night is such a bore. What a tough life has the baby!

With blueberries on the brain, and plentiful at this time in the season, I will be sharing a yummy Blueberry Oat Bar recipe later on today. When I can thonk think more clearly.

3 Comments on “I’ve got the Blues!”

  1. April says:

    I am so jealous that your baby likes to nurse and mine gave it up enthusiastically at one year. :( not fair! Let’s hope Jr. in my tummy likes it and keeps up nursing til he/she is 2!

  2. Blakely says:

    Sounds like quite an ordeal, friend!! At least you’re not dealing with the struggle to get your kid to eat fruit. I guess that probably doesn’t occur at 4:30AM though…

  3. Wysteria says:

    Ambre- I didn’t know you still nursed. Good for you!! That’s so funny about only liking two foods at a time. Sorry it’s making you miss out on sleep though :)

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