For Your Information

Here’s some intelligence for your Labor Day Weekend. Enjoy it!

*Did you know that in one square centimeter of your skin you have crammed up to three million cells, 15 sebaceous glands, 100 sweat glands, a meter of blood vessels, 3,000 sensory cells, four meteres of nerves, 200 pain detectors, 25 pressure sensors for touch, two cold sensors and two heat sensors? God can make some crazy small stuff! (info found here)

*Women who skip breakfast consume on average 100 more calories over the rest of the day then the women who took time for breakfast.

*You should never eat truly fresh salmon. Only eat salmon that has been frozen a minimum of 15 hours. Why? Because 15 hours of frozenness (my word) is what it takes to kill all the tapeworm larvae. Yummy.

*If you’re going to juice an orange, lime, lemon, or grapefruit warm it up first. It will almost double the juice you’re able to extract!

*To extend the life of your bread store it with a celery rib. Nice.

*Did you know that the only apple that is truly a native of North America is the crab apple? Those things are tart!

*According to the orchard we visited this week you should store your apples in the crisper in your fridge with a wet towel. Hmmm… maybe I should move my apples off the counter!

*My baby sisters are turning eighteen on Wednesday? Where does the time go?

What do you know?

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