Where Did the Years Go?

Today, my baby sisters turn eighteen. I’m still having a hard time excepting this one. They are seniors in high school, but both are taking two classes each at a local college. They’ve been there a week and have both decided to change their names. Hannah likes to draw on herself with permanent markers so her friends have taken to calling her “Tattoo”. Sharon has decided her name isn’t sophisticated enough and to correct that introduces herself to people as “Sharona”. I can understand her feeling that way. I probably would too had I been named after Dad’s favorite cow.

Hannah is taking an art class to further her natural talent. She’s pretty good and I’ve been lately lamenting the fact that I can’t get a tattoo or piercing as long as I’m nursing or pregnant which could easily mean none of either for the next twenty odd years. I decided to let Hannah give me one instead with her little marker stash.

Smiling through the "pain"

Smiling through the "pain"

They look like tear drops at the bottom

They look like tear drops at the bottom

One Comment on “Where Did the Years Go?”

  1. April says:

    The realization of how old your “baby” sister(s) are never goes away. I still do a double take everytime I say Doreen just turened…gulp 23!

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