I love okra. It’s true. I can’t wait until I’ve frozen enough to be able to make a nice vat of Chicken Gumbo. I’ll be sure to share the recipe and pictures when the time comes!

Okra is generally a plant grown in the south although it can be grown quite nicely this far North as well. The okra plant can grow up to six feet tall(!) with pods ranging in length from 3 to ten inches. It is recommended that you don’t allow it to grow too long as it can tend to acquire a woody flavor. In fact, (overly) mature okra is used to make rope and paper!

It is a main staple in a lot of African dishes and often just goes by the name “gumbo”. It’s flavor has been described by others as a cross between an eggplant and asparagus. Personally, I would just describe its flavor as “good”.

Okra is slimy. Okra is sticky. Deal with it. The more you cut it, the more slimy it gets so just cut your little wagon wheels and throw it in the pot. Delish. You can’t change its texture, so I advise you to just embrace it and move on. Good job.

Random fact: Okra seeds can be toasted and ground and used as a coffee substitute if you’re interested. I’m not. As long as I’ve got hot chocolate, I don’t need coffee (in case you were wondering…).

Okra is a fat free food. It contains vitamins A,C, complex Bs, iron and calcium.


One Comment on “Okra”

  1. Sweet Sparkle says:

    I’m intrigued by Okra. I’ve been trying all kinds of new veggies lately, mostly ones that I just assumed I wouldn’t like. We’ll have to try the Gumbo recipe if it’s a hit!!

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