For Your Information

Sorry for my absence. Inara is on day five of her fever/cold and I’m trying to focus all my leftover energy into getting the condo selling ready. Thanks for your understanding. :)

Here’s some stuff I know and now you do too:

*30 plant varieties feed 95% of the world’s population. Does that sound like a balanced diet to any of you? It sure doesn’t to me. It also doesn’t sound very friendly to the soil!

*Almost 40% of Americans have at some point in their lives consumed cold pizza for breakfast. The other 60% are lying.

*Nutella, oh, that sweet delicious spread, is sold in over 75 countries and-get this- is more popular that peanut butter! Try some from the freezer. Yum!

*JJ Abrams and Joshua Jackson together? What a treat. I like Fringe.

*A fresh egg will sink when placed in water. A not so fresh (stale) egg won’t.

*The largest earthworm ever found was a freakish 22 feet long. Yuck!

Remember, this is a give and take segment. I shared with you, now you share with me!

What do you know?

5 Comments on “For Your Information”

  1. Sarah says:

    Hmm… I have limited knowledge today.

    However, I will say I fall into the 40% of Americans who have consumed cold pizza for breakfast. It is quite delicious.

    One random fact I found out from NPR… moose meat is apparently very, very good for you. It has more flavor than cow meat and is the only red meat that people with heart problems are in the clear to consume. However, from what the guy on the radio said, I never, never want to kill and dress my own moose. The process seemed tedious and rather gross.

  2. Alicia M says:

    I have noticed the egg thing a couple times when making hard boiled eggs. Most of them sink, but I occasionally have one that’s a floater. So does that mean it’s a more risk for salmonella? Should I toss it? Or is it just risk being less tasty?

    hmmmm knowledge to pass on….. let’s see….
    During the middle ages, there were several women who were admired and thought to be quite spiritual for their extreme fasting. One of them actually died of starvation. (yeah I’m reading a book on fasting right now)

  3. Blakely says:

    Every individual has a tongue print as unique as a fingerprint. If you’re ever arrested, you can at least be thankful they don’t tongue-print!!

    Among the general population, the chance of having twins in the 21st century is about 3%. There’s been a 60% increase since the 1960’s thanks mostly to fertility drugs.

    Most dust particles in your house are actually dead skin. I haven’t figured out if that makes me want to dust more or less often…

  4. Tangerine Twinkle says:

    Peppers with 3 bumps on the bottom are sweeter and better for eating raw while peppers with 4 bumps on the bottom are better for dicing and cooking.

    I hope you are feeling better soon Ambre! Please let us know if we can help at all!!! Honest!

  5. Dana says:

    I tried to post this earlier but it disappeared, maybe your site has me blacklisted? ;)! I just learned peppers with 3 bottom bumps are sweeter and better for eating raw, while peppers with 4 bottom bumps are better for cooking… this goes across all color varieties too I guess.

    And hey! Please let me know if we can swing by, pick up your laundry, or your precious daughter, or make a trip to your storage unit, whatever.

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