Smoking is Bad for You

My day started with a nice text message from Ivan wishing me a happy birthday. Thank you, Ivan. I don’t know you and it’s not my birthday, but it was a pleasant sentiment non-the-less.

I just read a news report stating that cigarette packets in Britain will soon be covered with pictures of throat cancer, rotting teeth, and a corpse in a morgue. What great marketing! I’m sure the fad will soon catch on here in the American market. I wonder if they could cater to the juveniles in a particularly endearing way somehow… Any ideas?


4 Comments on “Smoking is Bad for You”

  1. rotting teeth? i bet that british people are all thinking “hey wow smoking makes my teeth better!”

  2. April says:

    Maybe Ivan meant that message for me?

  3. Blakely says:

    You mean like a cartoon camel with throat cancer, instead of a human? I bet that would go over well…

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