Ducks in a Row

Praise the Lord! We have a family that’s going to rent the condo from us for a year with the intent to buy it at the years end! Doing things this way, we will just break even on our mortgage. Any other way and we stood to lose up to $5,000, so as I said before: Praise the Lord!

Our CR house failed its radon test and quite frankly, I was kinda hoping it would. The statistics say that 70% of homes in Iowa have radon issues and I would feel more comfortable having a mitigation system in place than to just be wondering if this was the year that it would fail a test. Peace of mind, baby!

Here’s another pic of the house.

master bedroom

master bedroom

Look at that sun shine! To the left there’s a little cove and closet. i’m going to put my rocking chair there. :)

kids roon

kids room

Down the hall we have the children’s sleeping quarters. We figure one room is enough for at least the next ten years. :)


This Old House

Here are (finally) some pictures of the house! We had the home inspection Saturday morning and it passed with flying colors. Praise the Lord! We close November 12th and we’ll move on the 15th. I can’t wait!



This is the backyard. There’s no garage, thus the nice shed. The yard is actually about ten feet deeper than the tree line.

dining room/kitchen

dining room/kitchen

This is the narrow dining room and cozy kitchen. Like the arched doorway? I do!

1st floor bathroom

1st floor bathroom

Don’t worry, you don’t have to lay on your side to use the toilet. Fear not.

sitting room/bedroom 1

sitting room/bedroom 1

The whole house has so much natural light. It’s wonderful! Oh, and did I mention that all four bedrooms have hardwood flours?

basement-finished side

basement-finished side

There’s even a lot of natural light in the basement!

laundry room

laundry room

We believe there is a difference between ugly wallpaper and hideous wallpaper. As far as we’re concerned, ugly can go and hideous can stay. This wallpaper is so staying!

I’ll post more pictures at a later time. :)


They countered, we accepted! Inspections here we come…

Where does the time go?

Sorry it’s been so long and I’ve kept you all so out of the loop. Life’s been moving at a very fast pace around here. Saturday morning I went on a four and a half hour adventure with our Realtor, who by the way, has grown on me, to view fifteen houses. The goal was to find the ones worth dragging the baby through and to see them some night this week as a family. As I said: that was the plan. I saw some very nice houses that wouldn’t meet our needs and some other houses that I should have just turned away from at the door. This is one of those houses:

Yes, that’s a dryer that my 67 year old Realtor and I had to step over. A real gem.

I did find one house out of the fifteen that I really felt good about. So good, in fact, that I went back to it later on in our outting. The next day Inara hung out with Leslie and Amber while Erik and I went to the open house. We were sold. Monday afternoon we got our pre-approval (finally!) and Monday night we put in an offer! Now we’re in that fun 24 hour torture waiting period. I’ll let you know how that turns out.

We did include a contingency on selling or renting our condo in our offer. This morning my mom asked me if the condo was ready to show and if we’d put it on the market yet. I told her it was ready to show. :) I really should go do more cleaning. We put the condo on CraigsList and we already have someone interested in the rent to own option. pray that the Lord’s will be done!

Realtor Rant

I think that Realtors can be some of the most unhelpful people around. Not all of them, of course, just the majority I’ve had the displeasure of working with. Our current Realtor is not proactive at all and her only true usefulness is in getting the codes so we can get into the houses. I kid you not, I do the rest. 

Every house we’ve seen, as we walk in the door we ask the same three questions: “Has the electrical had a complete overhaul and been brought up to date?”, “Has the plumbing been brought up to date?”, and “What is an average utility bill?” (can you tell we’re looking at old houses?). You’d think that she would be use to this and have that information ready for us, but no. She always says, “Oh, I don’t know. Let me call the listing Realtor and ask.” which results in a rousing game of phone tag and her having to get back to us later. This generally results in us having to spend way more time than necessary at each house which is not the greatest when you have a tired one year old.  

We went and saw a house on Friday night. We asked the three questions per usual and she went to make her call per usual. The listing Realtor was unavailable and the owners had moved to New York so we were told she would get back to us. I called her back Sunday to follow up and was told that no one could get in touch with the owners but that they’d keep trying. In the meantime I had looked at the house online on the listing site and saw that there is a “get more information” option. I filled out the form with my questions and waited. I just received a call from a ReMax Realtor. He says “I got a message with your questions and would love to help you out with that. Have you driven by the house or just seen it online?” I explained the situation to him and as soon as he heard we already had a Realtor he says “Oh, well you should just wait for your Realtor to get you those answers then” and he HUNG UP! He didn’t even say good-bye! What a lousy system. I’m just glad I’m not supporting ReMax.

My guess is the electrical was just given a band-aid job and no one wants to admit it. Bummer, cause it was a gorgeous house with a huge plum tree…

For Your Information

This is the cleaning/home preparation for selling edition. Hope you find something useful!

*When hanging pictures, put a piece of tape on the wall before driving the nail. This will prevent teh paint from peeling off when you remove the nail.

*Clean windows with any of the following solutions:

  1. rubbing alcohol
  2. white vinegar
  3. 1/2 cup ammonia + 1/2 cup vinegar+ 2 Tbl. cornstarch

*You can remove pain splatters from glass (windows) with hot vinegar.

*You can eliminate bathroom odors by keeping a small decorative dish of vinegar out on a counter or open shelf.

*Keep bathroom mirrors from fogging by rubbing a thin layer of dish soap over the mirror when dry. This works wonderfully!

*You can revive droopy veggies by placing them in a dish of cold water with a Tbl. or two of lemon juice and letting them soak for a bit. (I know that has nothing to do with home care.)

*If you are a knickknack person and you have a bunch of small containers of sorts fill them with a bit of sand to weigh them down and prevent tipping during dusting. That is of course, if you dust. If you don’t, I won’t hold it against you…

*Clean the inside of your fridge with baking soda so you can deodorize at the same time,

*To more quickly clean an oatmeal pot, soak it in cold water instead of hot. Amazing!

*I’ve never tried this, but word on the street is that if you crack a favorite dish you should boil it in a pot of milk for 45 minutes. This should cause the crack to disappear and actually make the dish stronger as well. Who comes up with this stuff?

So, what do you know this week?

Pretty Picture For The Day

Pretty Picture For The Day

As The Music Moves Me

Lately, I’ve had these lyrics running through my head all the time it seems:

“Should we stay or should we go now? If we stay there could be trouble, if we go it could be doubled!”

Yep, that pretty much sums up how this whole moving/not moving adventure has left us feeling. Until now that is. I really feel we’re reaching a place of peace about our decisions. Last night in bed I surmised it as “We’ll plan on doing it short of meeting a Jonah fish.” Erik was unfamiliar with my Jonah fish analogy so I explained that short of a fish swallowing us up and spitting us out miles from our intended destination we would continue to move forward in faith. I thought that was as clear as an “understood You” from fifth grade English. Now it is.

So we’re moving forward. Today I met with a Realtor about listing the condo and we’re going to sign the contract on Saturday, Lord willing. Now I’m off to continue packing while Inara is sleeping which means only packing once and not worrying about someone unpacking in over helpfulness.

Tah, Tah!