As The Music Moves Me

Lately, I’ve had these lyrics running through my head all the time it seems:

“Should we stay or should we go now? If we stay there could be trouble, if we go it could be doubled!”

Yep, that pretty much sums up how this whole moving/not moving adventure has left us feeling. Until now that is. I really feel we’re reaching a place of peace about our decisions. Last night in bed I surmised it as “We’ll plan on doing it short of meeting a Jonah fish.” Erik was unfamiliar with my Jonah fish analogy so I explained that short of a fish swallowing us up and spitting us out miles from our intended destination we would continue to move forward in faith. I thought that was as clear as an “understood You” from fifth grade English. Now it is.

So we’re moving forward. Today I met with a Realtor about listing the condo and we’re going to sign the contract on Saturday, Lord willing. Now I’m off to continue packing while Inara is sleeping which means only packing once and not worrying about someone unpacking in over helpfulness.

Tah, Tah!

3 Comments on “As The Music Moves Me”

  1. Blakely says:

    I get that song stuck in my head alot, but only because it’s in Rock Band…

    Good luck with packing and listing and selling and moving!! I know for us, the entire experience was exciting, frustrating and scary.

  2. Blakely says:

    Come on over! I promise, if you come to my house, we can play :-D

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