Realtor Rant

I think that Realtors can be some of the most unhelpful people around. Not all of them, of course, just the majority I’ve had the displeasure of working with. Our current Realtor is not proactive at all and her only true usefulness is in getting the codes so we can get into the houses. I kid you not, I do the rest. 

Every house we’ve seen, as we walk in the door we ask the same three questions: “Has the electrical had a complete overhaul and been brought up to date?”, “Has the plumbing been brought up to date?”, and “What is an average utility bill?” (can you tell we’re looking at old houses?). You’d think that she would be use to this and have that information ready for us, but no. She always says, “Oh, I don’t know. Let me call the listing Realtor and ask.” which results in a rousing game of phone tag and her having to get back to us later. This generally results in us having to spend way more time than necessary at each house which is not the greatest when you have a tired one year old.  

We went and saw a house on Friday night. We asked the three questions per usual and she went to make her call per usual. The listing Realtor was unavailable and the owners had moved to New York so we were told she would get back to us. I called her back Sunday to follow up and was told that no one could get in touch with the owners but that they’d keep trying. In the meantime I had looked at the house online on the listing site and saw that there is a “get more information” option. I filled out the form with my questions and waited. I just received a call from a ReMax Realtor. He says “I got a message with your questions and would love to help you out with that. Have you driven by the house or just seen it online?” I explained the situation to him and as soon as he heard we already had a Realtor he says “Oh, well you should just wait for your Realtor to get you those answers then” and he HUNG UP! He didn’t even say good-bye! What a lousy system. I’m just glad I’m not supporting ReMax.

My guess is the electrical was just given a band-aid job and no one wants to admit it. Bummer, cause it was a gorgeous house with a huge plum tree…

6 Comments on “Realtor Rant”

  1. amommaonamission says:

    we had a rough time with the realtor system here a few years back when we bought our duplex. things got hairy and we “didn’t do things right” which in turn had our realtor giving the seller’s realtor a kickback at the closing table. weird stuff.

  2. justcallnate says:

    I hate to hear that you are having troubles with your current realtor. An agency relationship is not something to be taken lightly. Your agent should be looking out for your best interest, should be finding out answers to your “common” questions before even showing you a house, and should be pro-active in getting you the answers that you need. Also the Remax agent should have been much more courteous as well- he would benefit from the sale of that house whether or not he is representing the buyer! I have been an agent for the last several years, and I thoroughly enjoy the business and pride myself on making sure my clients are completely satisfied; but I am also dismayed at the lack of professional courtesy that SOME agents possess…Best of luck on your home search!

  3. Alicia S. says:

    If you feel a switch is warranted, I know many many realtors that would be great.

  4. Kirsten says:

    I’m not sure this is true everywhere, but I think utility info is usually public information if you contact the utility company. I agree, it would be much better if your agent could just take care of finding out that information for you (and it doesn’t help about finding out if the electrical and plumbing have been updated)…but if you really want to know that information regarding the average bills on any properties in particular you could try giving those utility companies a call.

  5. April says:

    Oh my gosh! Our realator was horrible too!!! He didn’t know ANYTHING about the neighborhoods and we had to literally find every house we wanted to look at. our biggest concern was what type of neighborhoods and stuff like that and he had no idea everytime. It was SO frustrating!!! Later we realized he really sucked and we should have fired him. can you fire yours?

  6. Wow, glad to hear we’re not the only ones! Yes we could switch, and I’ve done it before, but she’s pretty harmless and I’m sure selling a house would be a blessing to her! Plus, I’m doing quite well on my own and so at this time we’re going to just leave things be.
    Thanks for the utility tip, Kirsten. At this time she’s managing to at least get that for us, so I’m going to continue to let her earn her keep, so to speak. :)

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