Back in Business!

Hooray! Our camera arrived today! Thanks Mom, and Alice and everyone else who made this possible. :)
It looks like my immediate family won’t be making it out for Christmas next week. Dad’s just not up for leaving the house on things not doctor appointment related. It’s really disappointing, but I would hate for him to do something that would potentially cause him more pain.
As such, it looks like we will mainly be entertaining the most amazingly wonderful grandparents and the random Aunts as they stop by throughout the week families in tow. It will be great to have five days with my Grandparents and I’m still holding out hope that my sisters will make a showing even if just for a day. We’ll see!
This will be the first time Christmas is not being held at my Grandma’s in many many years. I think I sort of assumed that even though we would be doing Tthe holiday here that Grandma would still cook, but no. She’s declared that she’s taking the year off! Horrors! That’s a whole lot of pressure folks! I’ve been told that Inara could cook better that one of my Aunts and the other Aunt will only be here for one meal so I should just “knock it (being worried) off and just cook!” I guess that’s what I’ll do then! I’m off to write up a menu. Wish me luck!

2 Comments on “Back in Business!”

  1. Aunt says:

    I could bring a couple pots of chili with us on Christmas Eve! Would that help? I made up a great recipe that calls for ground turkey, chocolate (just a bit of bitter-sweet), pumpkin, chili peppers, and lots of garlic. Game?

  2. Aunt Gloris! Welcome! That chili sounds amazing and I’d love to add it to the menu! Are there any sides you recommend besides cornbread?
    btw, you were the Aunt that Grandma said could cook, in case you were wondering. :)

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