A New Resource

I’ve made a new friend. It’s name is PaperBack Swap. It’s really a thing of genius. You take ten books you don’t plan on reading again (so far I’ve found 63) and post their ISBN numbers. Then you get two credits with which to choose any two books you want that other people have posted. You choose your books and they are mailed to you by their previous owners on their dime. If someone chooses a book that you’ve posted then you mail it to them (on your dime) and receive another credit to get another book. See, what did I say? Sheer genius.

It only costs about $1.50 to mail a paperback by media post. Taking into account that even if you find one of those $.01 books on Amazon postage is still a minimum of $3.99 you’re really getting a deal. What type of book are you looking for? I can pretty much guarantee they will have it or something similar. So far I’ve just picked amazing cookbooks, but I’ve also started looking at their homeschool text books. Great deals! Did I mention that if no one wants your books but you want other peoples you can buy credits as well? I know, it’s a little shady sounding, but for under $4.00 a credit, we’re still beating Amazon!

Above are the pictures of the two cookbooks I have thus far requested. I’ll let you know how I like them! Based on their reviews they should prove to be quite interesting!

If you would like to join PaperBackSwap please do so using the link to the right or mentioning my nickname: reluctantcaterpillar. It’s another way to get credits! Try it… I think you’ll like it!

3 Comments on “A New Resource”

  1. Wendy B. says:

    Dan also recently discovered this. Haven’t received a book yet, but I am sure it’ll prove useful. How did you only pay $1.50? I thought it was more like $2.50?

  2. Blakely says:

    We’ve used a similar site (www.swaptree.com) for video games before. I think you can also swap movies, CD’s and even books as well. It’s set up a little different – you list the stuff you don’t want that you have and the stuff that you want but don’t have. Then, if you have something that someone else wants and they have what you want, you just mail them out to eachother for just a couple bucks. (If that wordy explanation made any sense, I’ll be surprised!!)

    Anyhow – it is a genius idea and a great way to reuse and save money!! I’ll have to check out paperback swap sometime.

    PS- I like your snow!!

  3. um, well, I just mailed out three books for under five bucks. seemed like it was probably about $.150 each unless there’s a minimum rate I was unaware of?
    Thanks! I like my snow too! :)

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