Tricked by the pictures…

It’s nice to realize that your words aren’t always falling on deaf ears. Take yesterday for example: for lunch I was in a rush so I served Erik one of Amy’s Pot Pies. I thought it was a chicken pot pie and he’s recently talked of craving meat so i was lovingly feeding him meat without going through the hassle of cooking it myself. last night while working on dishes (what a man!) Erik was breaking down the box for the recycling can and read off the label “Amy’s Vegetable Pot Pie”.
“No”, I said, “it was a chicken pot pie.”
“Nope, vegetable.”
This made no sense. I’d seen the pie and what looked like little bits of chicken floating around in the gravy. Even in the cover picture it looked like chicken bits! A quick read through the ingredients list brought the answer: tofu.
“Man!” I growled under my breath, “I won’t be buying this anymore.” I quickly collapsed in laughter as I hear from the kitchen the tune “Man, I feel like a woman*!” being sung. Haha! What a man indeed!

*soy (tofu) has been found to contain high levels of estrogen

4 Comments on “Tricked by the pictures…”

  1. Alicia M says:

    Interesting about soy. It’s tough to say, but I’m less inclined to believe that tofu in reasonable amounts is unsafe as Asians have been using it regularly for many years without issue. I think the bigger problem is fake soy foods, like Boca burgers and fake chicken where we start to get huge amounts of soy in our diets. Plus the fact that most processed foods contain soy in some form.
    Also- it’s sort of funny, but one of my professors at iowa state actually studies soy estrogens in terms of health BENEFITS. She’s looking at its use in post-menopausal women, helping to ease menopause symptoms without resorting to HRT.

  2. I totally support its use in assisting post-menopausal women with estrogen shortages. I also have researched the “Asians have eaten tofu forever” angle and found that only in the past century have they begun to consume it in such great amounts and also the order in which they would eat their foods (meat before tofu) has an effect on the way soy’s different properties react in the body. I also would rather not eat much tofu since, as you mentioned, it’s in almost every item you buy at the store in some fashion so I think we’re getting more than enough as it is. IMPO.

  3. April says:

    Oh my gosh! I know! I hate it when you find secret sources of things you didn’t know were there. Like most of Kashi’s products contain soy so now they are pretty much off my list of safe companies to buy from. Bummer.

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