Is anyone out there? I’m still here, really!
Wow. Life has been crazy. I’ve spent the majority of this year in Chicago helping/visiting with my Dad. Erik and I are finally getting around to doing a bit of unpacking and catch-up cleaning. We now have tenants in both properties. We have a new favorite restaurant that we wish we could eat at for every meal. We now have one hundred pounds of bison in our freezer and are really enjoying the experience of cooking with/eating lean meat. I have the spring itch and just want to get started the yard already! Instead I am pouring over gardening books and dreaming. I have also have finally gotten to the point in my life where I am sick of me and want to be full to overflowing with Him. As a result I have reassessed my priorities and how I spend my time and have been spending a lot more of it reading my Bible and seeking to hear His voice. It’s been awfully hard yet beautifully rewarding…

Congrats to April who has had a healthy baby boy! I’m so happy that all went well!
Talk to you all again soon.



7 Comments on “Hello???”

  1. Sarah says:

    And she’s back!

    Wanna get together this week? Mabel is feeling better and I miss you and Nara.

  2. MamaMort says:

    Welcome back friend!! I’m looking forward to catching up on the adventures of Ambre!!

    Completely unrelated – I had breakfast at Village Inn with Aaron’s grandma yesterday and they had some European Truffle pie left. I had to have it, even though I know how horrible it is for me. And it made me think of you :-D

  3. April says:

    Thanks to the shout out! That was sweet. Glad to see you back-missed you and was thinking about you and your dad, hoping all was well…

  4. Dana says:

    Phew! Welcome back, friend!

  5. leah says:

    i kept checking your blog in hopes that you would be back soon! although everything is understandable! :) yeah for gardening! ;)

  6. Gloris says:

    Yayy! You’re back! I love the reluctant caterpillar! Your loving (though forgetful) aunt.

  7. gloriadelia says:

    Hi, Ambre! I have a blog now! Check me out (it out, I mean)

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